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Freezing Foil Unique Sword – Minecraft Dungeons

Yesterday I played the Frosted Fjord daily trial and I got the Freezing Foil sword, dropped from a chest. It’s a variant of the Rapier sword, and it’s a Frosted Fjord daily trial exclusive weapon. This is a new weapon, part of the Creeping Winter DLC.

How to get FREEZING FOIL Unique Sword in Minecraft Dungeons?

The Freezing Foil as a long combo, so the base damage is very low (varies depends on the power and roll). Mine starts at 228 with the last hit caps at1243 damage.

That being said, the weapon is very fast. In terms of unique perk, it got slow mobs, so when you hit enemies you slow them down. Other than that and it’s unique look, it’s the same as the Rapier. Enchantments are random, so you might get it with different ones than I got.

Freezing Foil, unique sword, a daily trial (Frosted Fjord) exclusive weapon.
Freezing Foil, unique sword, a daily trial (Frosted Fjord) exclusive weapon.

I personally would have preferred the Freezing Foil with Thundering, Committed and Leeching.

I know many questioned whether Rapier or its variants is better than the Fighter’s Bindings, which is the weapon with the fastest attack speed in Minecraft Dungeons. I yet to compare, but at first glance, I don’t think so.

Keep in mind that you are not guaranteed to get the Freezing Foil, but the place to try to farm for it is Frosted Fjord Daily Trial. Good luck.

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