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Minecraft Dungeons Just Got So Much Better

With the new Creeping Winter DLC update for Minecraft Dungeons, I feel that I enjoy the game much more. The new Daily Trials with the dynamic modifiers bring great replayability, especially if you enjoy toying around with gear builds.

This means that no longer a certain build will be the one to rule them all. I mean, I was playing with my main build a lot. But now, although I still play it, I am switching builds to match the more challenging missions, especially those on ‘Harder’ and ‘Epic’ Daily Trials.

Jungle Abomination boss fight in Minecraft Dungeons
Fighting Jungle Abomination boss. I failed it several times and eventually came up with a build to 1-shot him 🙂

There are new challenging events in the level, great new gear, and more cool synergies to play within Minecraft Dungeons.

Still, I do agree with those who criticize the game for lacking content. I did it myself from day one where I actually didn’t recommend it in my first impressions. The game still lacks content, but for me, it remains a casual looter game that I enjoy playing. This way, I have time for even more games, rather than putting all my time I an single game—something I did when I played Destiny 1 on the PS4.

The game would have been more complete if it was released not in chunks, but with all the DLCs. Still, the game mechanics are fun, the music, the boss fights, and endless grind for even better gear with better enchantments—I love all that.

Having fun with the new dynamic modifiers.

OMEGALOOT Each Enemy Drops Loot Daily Trial! | Minecraft Dungeons Funny Moments

I think that with the new Creeping Winter update, the game will feel bigger for those jumping into it for the first time. For people who already played the previous DLC, the grind for a perfect meta build is still there, but the game now feels more exciting than before.

Daily Trials very in difficulty and modifiers. Some of them can be very hard. Players require to make a build that allows them to eventually finish them and enjoy the rewards.

The new missions are much more challenging. Before that DLC, it was so easy to finish any level, too easy. Now, I am failing certain Daily Trials, even several times. This is exactly what I wanted--something to challenge me.

It reminds me of the Nightfall weekly mission – very hard--but also very rewarding. You are almost guaranteed to get a Unique gear at the end for most challenges and there are even Mission-exclusive items. Because Daily Trials change each day, it will take some time, not just to get the gear you want, but one with the “perfect” enchantments (perks).

I didn’t even mention the new merchants that make discovering and obtaining new gear more fun than before.

Overall, I am very pleased in the direction which the developer is taking Minecraft Dungeons and I hope more players will join in and play. Thanks for reading.

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