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Buying a Console due to a Lucrative Game Subscription Service

It’s not the first time I’m debating with myself which console to buy at the end of the year, the PS5 or Xbox Series X. Game selection is one of the things that is very important for me. As of right now, with my PC, I am using Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s Game Subscription Service.

Without that service, I wouldn’t be able to afford trying out so many games and to discover game genres that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy. I mean, instead of judging the game by its cover, if a demo is not available, I can try it for free—just paying for the monthly subscription service.

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Now, let me be clear here. I own a PS4 at home but right now I am settling in another country and the console is not with me. I don’t own an Xbox One, and third, I have gaming (i7/1660 GTX Ti) gaming laptop. Not high-end but good enough for running most games in this current generation.

I was thinking about getting the Xbox Series X because first, it’s much more powerful than my laptop and will support next-gen games with 4K, raytracing, and super fast load times (in supported games). Second, I really like the large selection of fo games that Microsoft continues to offer in XGP. Let’s not forget that if I buy a game for the Xbox, I can play it on my PC and vice versa.

When I looked at PlayStation Now, I can clearly tell that Sony isn’t there with Microsoft. You won’t see those console-exclusive titles coming to PS Now anytime soon. Whether with Game Pass, you can be sure many of those games developed by Microsoft Game Studios will. Halo: Infinite is one of them. That saves money, as triple-A titles don’t come cheap.

So better selection of games through the subscription service, alongside first-party titles and you can see why Xbox Series X is still under consideration.

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The thing is that I really want to play PS5 exclusive games, and there are quite a lot because this is the focus of Sony. If Sony hadn’t had many exclusives, some of the benefits of the PS5 would have gone out of the window. Oh, I can’t afford to buy two consoles, nor at this time where I move from play to place, I want to carry more than one single suitcase. I don’t have a permanent place.

The other thing is that although we can expect quite a few AAA titles for the PS5, they still will be a few. Some of those games you can finish relatively quick and you probably will feel that time with other games—games that probably will be crossplatform.

So that in mind, I think that I should put less emphasis on the exclusives but on the selection of games that will be offered throughout the life of the console.

For example, I really want to play Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. But this title I probably finish in a week, right? What then. Well, this is where the XGP wins. The XGP will offer a very large and continuously updated selection of games. I can enjoy most of it thanks to the subscription service offered by Microsoft.

Now, there are a benefit for each one. I personally found Microsoft’s offering with the Game Pass Ultimate to be a better offer. For a flat fee, I gain access to Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass for PC, Project xCloud cloud gaming, and EA Play—Great deal!

Overall, I recommend also considering the game subscription service in mind. For me, with Xbox, I can save more money on first-party titles, have more selection fo games, cross-play with PC friends, play games I buy on either (PC or Xbox). I Think this is a great advantage that comes because of the great subscription service that Microsoft offers.

No, I haven’t made my decision yet, but I wanted to share my thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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