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I’ll Help You Choose Between PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X

I have to be honest with you here, I still haven’t decided which next-gen console I am going to buy, whether it will be the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X. I know that on my YouTube channel I change my mind every day, but because I discover new things every day.

Console Exclusive Games & Crossplay

I am very tempted to go with the PlayStation 5 because of all the great exclusive games. Not just those announced in the PlayStation reveal event, but those that we can expect to come down the road. Sony has amazing game studios that produce the best console-exclusive games across all platforms in this generation. Sony proved to me that they deliver, whether Microsoft failed in that aspect in my opinion.

Xbox Series X vs PS5 Pros and Cons Comparison: Games, Performance, Controller & Other Features

The game selection and quality of games play a very important role. However, Xbox Series X gains more points as I also consider the fact that the Xbox Series X has a more powerful GPU, I really want to play Halo: Infinite, games that I’ll buy for the Xbox I can play on my PC as well and there will be many multiplayer games including “exclusives” that will support crossplay between the Xbox Series X and PC. This means that if you have friends that don’t have the XSX, you can still play with them, as long as the title supports it (I believe many MP titles will).

I think another important thing to consider is what console your friends we’ll be buying. For many people, this will be the most important thing, because many gamers will want to play with their friends than playing a multiplayer title alone or with other people that don’t know. We don’t know yet which cross-platform games will support crossplay between the PS5 and Xbox Series X. So again, keep that in mind when making a decision.

Backward Compatibility (Important, but not for everyone)

Another very important thing to consider is backward compatibility.

The Xbox Series X has a big advantage in that aspect. From what I know, the PS5 will only support PS4 games (those approved by Sony). PS5 (probably) won’t support for PS3, PS2, or PS1 games. Whether the Xbox Series X has backward compatibility with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox games. If you have bought many games and you still want to enjoy playing them on the next-gen console, you’ll be able to.

There are plenty of players who just don’t care, they only after playing the latest gen games.

Other considerations are things related to external storage, SSD storage space, complimentary services (e.g. Subscription services), accessory prices, etc.

Video Game Subscription Service

Speaking of which, Microsoft also wins when it comes to its subscription service, the Xbox Game Pass.

I am using the Xbox Game Pass right now. There are so many amazing games that I wouldn’t be able to discover had I haven’t had access to this service. PS Now is far back, and we know that many if not all of Sony’s most anticipated exclusives probably won’t find their way to PS Now, at least not quite sometime after they are released. Sony focuses on selling consoles, Microsoft really doesn’t care, it wants you to join XGP.

Think about it this way, you’ll be playing some great exclusives here and there, but what you are going to do with the rest of the time. Having access to a larger selection of games is a great option. We also know that if you are a GamePass subscriber, you’ll be able to enjoy those Xbox Series X exclusives through the subscription service without having to buy them. This includes one of the most anticipated titles,

Halo Infinite coming to Xbox Game Pass
Halo Infinite coming to Xbox Game Pass (Image credit: Microsoft)

So yeh, you won’t need to pay a full price to play Halo Infinite, you get it for free if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. Xbox Game Pass is a paid subscription service, keep that in mind if you haven’t heard about it yet, but for a small fee, you’ll gain access to main first-party and third-party games. Most first-party games stay for a long time, but third-party games are circulated as more live and those replaces by other games.

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Still, you’ll be able to buy the games that were part of the service for a lower price compared to the full retail price.

Which Console Has the Games that I Enjoy Playing?

Now, this is also very important for me and I’ll clarify. I own a gaming PC (with NVIDIA 1660 GTX Ti). There will be many indie games that I’ll be able to play on the PC, I don’t need the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5 for that.

However, if you don’t own a gaming PC or a PC that can run most of the indie games out there, this might not be relevant to you.

Basically, when I buy a console, I want to make sure I’ll be able to play next-gen quality video games. And not just that—but games that I’ll enjoy playing.

For me, the PlayStation 4 proven to deliver these type of games more than the Xbox One did, including action RPGs, MMORPG shooters (e.g. Destiny), Top-rated adventure games likeThe Last of Us Remastered) and Horizon Zero Dawn, great combat games like Bloodborne and Spider-Man, great platform games like Ratch and Clank and many more.

Xbox One didn’t come close to offer those exclusive IPs and sequels to titles that I enjoy playing compared to what the PS5 did. Again, I know it’s a personal preference, but this is something each one and one of us should consider.

Even if all of your friends will buy into one console, if this console won’t have the great games that you enjoy playing or the one you personally wait to play the most, you’ll lose those. Well, Unless you plan to buy both consoles, but then this article is not for you anyway.

Which One To Choose?

Different people have different needs. I personally look at several things that are important for me, including exclusive games, what the majority of my friends are going to buy, subscription service and base on past experience seeing which gaming studios are more creative and deliver the games that I enjoy playing.

As of the time of writing this article, I’m still debating but leaning towards the PS5 but it kills me knowing that I’ll miss all the great games that I can get for free and save a lot of money if I go with Xbox Game Pass. I know PS Now will also features games, but from what I’ve seen, I’ll be able to play much more titles through XGP.

Well, waiting for your comments, let’s help us decide together. No console wars, just sharing thoughts and opinions together and help each other make a decision. Thanks for reading.

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