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Amazing Spellcasting Battle Royale Game SPELLBREAK Launched

A new Battle Royale game was released on September 3rd, 2020, it’s called SPELLBREAK. A new BR game but instead of shooting with guns, you shoot spells, at least some of those spells are projectiles.

But before you go with “OMG, not another battle royale game!”--this game feels different and literally a blast to play.

Spellbreak Gameplay Video

If you want fewer words and more action, check out this Spellbreak gameplay video I made a few days ago. You can actually see me winning my first match!

Spellbreak Gameplay - Spellcasting Battle Royale Game + Winning a Match

Harry Potter on Steroids

Spellbreak feels like Harry Potter on steroids because of its smooth hand fast gameplay experience. Of course spellcasting is the highlight of the game, but we can ignore the beautiful Zelda Breath of the Wild -like art style.

Spellbreak cartoon character
Beautiful shader for the character, reminds of Zelda Breath of the Wild

The moment I launch the game I knew this one is going to feel like a unique BR experience. The character’s shader, the charming aesthetics of the world, clean and slick UI, all felt fresh and inviting.

The map like other Battle Royale games in this genre is big but shrinks over time. You need to choose a portal to land and you and your teammates will drop from the sky towards the map below.

Super Cool Magic Abilities

Each character has its unique abilities, but you need to search for equipment (has rarities) like Talents and skills which will change the type of magic spells you can use.

For example, “Icicle” talent allows you to hover in mid-air for 5 seconds and highlight targets while aiming. OR “Fevor” upgrade, which increases your spell cast speed by +20%. You can fly really high in this game, super fun!

character flying ability in Spellbreak game screenshot
You can fly in Spellbreak, not just walk on the ground!

The cool thing about those is that all feel different than what we’ve seen so far, which is basically just gun, explosives, and armor in many FPS BR games. But the concept stays the same, you and your team need be the last one standing, or at least one--to win the match.

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The map is beautifully designed with lots of verticalities and looks like from a fantasy medieval times.

There is plenty of loot to find and it takes some time to get used to the controls. For example, I was pressing shift because I am used to pressing it to run but in this game, it’s assigned to an ability.

The game features stunning visual effects, super cool abilities like creating an ice surface on the ground where you and other players can literally skate fast on it.

There is much more to it, and I recommend downloading Spellbreak as it’s free on the Epic Games store and give it a go.

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