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Dynamo Enchantment 1-Hit Cow Boss Kill – Minecraft Dungeons

Today, thanks to a tip by one of my YouTube viewers, I learned that the Dynamo enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons actually stacks. This means that damage will continue to accumulate on each character toll and will release in single accumulated damage in the next hit

The Dynamo enchantment was introduced with the Creeping Winter DLC for Minecraft Dungeons.

Dynamoc enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons  screenshot
The ‘Dynamo’ enchantments for a weapon in Minecraft Dungeons

At the top, you can see the Dynamo enchantment. You can see that in the description it says: “Adds damage to the next attack after rolling”.

In the case of my Dynamo, it’s 765 damage, but it can be higher or lower depends on your weapon’s power.

Mooshroom Monstrosity 1-hit kill using Dynamo enchantment damage stacking
Mooshroom Monstrosity (“Cow Boss”) 1-hit kill using Dynamo enchantment damage stacking

At the top you can see that specific moment I hit Cow Boss with the weapon. It doesn’t matter which weapon you use, as 99.99% of the damage will come from the damage stacking of the Dynamo enchantment.

That hit led to a whopping 4,481,657 damage in a single hit with my Claymore sword. That was enough to kill the boss.

Here is a video that shows how it is done including the moment of the hit.

Dynamo ×1500 Stacks 4.5 Million Damage - 1-HIT Cow Boss Kill! | Minecraft Dungeons

I hope you enjoy this one. Try it yourself, although it’s not practical in general, it’s a lot of fun experimenting with different builds.

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