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Rapier with Committed & Critical Hit – Minecraft Dungeons

Today I got a Rapier weapon with both Committed and Critical Hit– playing Minecraft Dungeons. I wanted to share some test of these enchantments so you can see the damage output and the attack speed of the weapon.

Rapier with Committed and Critical Hit enchantments - Minecraft Dungeons
Rapier with Committed and Critical Hit (Crit) enchantments

As you can see in the above image, this Rapier came only with committed and critical hit, no third enchantment option, unfortunately.

That being said, it’s nice having an option to check that and see how good the weapon is with those enchantments.

Rapier vs Fighter’s Bindings

The Rapier and its variants, the Freezing Foil and the Bee Stinger are being compared to the Fighter’s Bindings—the melee weapon with the fatest attack speed in the game.

The Rapier is slower as you can see in the comparison image below.

Fighter's Bindings vs Rapier
Rapier vs Fighter’s Bindings

Another thing to note is that the Rapier does have a short pause after its long combo, whether the Fighter’s Binding’s does not. Another thing is that Rapier has much lower base damage, except for the last hit which is high. If you consider all that, the Fighter’s Bindings is still the king when it comes to Damage-Per-Second (DPS).

That being said, the Rapier and its variants are more interesting weapons, has they good cool perks, like Slow Down Mobs or Chance to Summo a Bee. I think that the slow down is more useful of the two.

The weapon doesn’t feel powerful, I mean compared to what I can do with my ‘Growing Staff’. I still think the Rapier is a nice weapon to have, but there are better alternatives out there in my opinion.

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If you have any questions let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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