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Minecraft Dungeons Daily Trials are Challenging but Rewarding

Today I did my daily trials in Minecraft Dungeons. Well, there are harder challenges that will require players to have high power gear in order to survive.

I played the trials two times today, the first time I failed as I realized that just going with one build won’t do it. So I actually switched between the Battle Armor and the Full Metal Armor during the run. At the boss, I needed speed and quickly refresh my abilities so I used the Battle Armor.

In this video, you can see me challenging the Overgrow Temple level boss Jungle Abomination.

Minecraft Dungeons Daily Trial II Boss Fight + Legendary Rewards

That particular Daily Trial (You can do up to 3 a day) has Recommended power of 110 (I had 110 gear average).

The following modifiers were active:

  • Player speed is increased by 20%
  • 100% of melee mobs are replaced with Skeleton
  • Players have the punch enchantment equipped

You need to pay attention to the level modifiers as they will change daily and you’ll need to optimize your build to gain advantage and hopefully clear the level fast and without issues.

I am so happy that finally we have challenging missions to do and the game encourages us to do it daily. You have a chance to even get a legendary weapon, which I got as you can see in the video. You can get a legendary drop from the boss as well as after you finish the level, in the loot box.

Going back to play, make sure you subscribe to my channel for more Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC gameplay videos. Also, check out how to unlock the Lost Settlement secret level.

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