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Xbox Series X Price: $499 based on leaks

If the leaks are correct–we are talking about $499 for the Xbox Series X and $299 for the Xbox Series S (both in USD).

A price that was predicted by many gaming media outlet editors and seems reasonable. Now we also have another budget console, which we can expect to be more powerful than the Xbox One, but that’s something that seems to confuse me a bit.

Let’s say that the Series S will be more powerful than the Xbox One. This means that developers will need to make games that either support the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X if they want to support all three platforms. We are touching PC area year, different machines and developers will need to optimize the game for each one if they plan to develop their game for all consoles.

It seems like a move that wants to get rid of the Xbox One, make a more powerful console and make it the base console. Does it mean that if you own an Xbox One and don’t plan to upgrade, you can quickly say goodbye to new games for the console?

And, what about new games to this new console, the Series S. Well, it must have backward compatibility, because if not, this will be a launch of a console without any games LMAO.

I think that for a price of $299, many Xbox One owners will consider moving to that new console if they are tight on budget. In return, they can be assured to get games for that console as developers will target it as well. It does carry a very attractive price, if it’s indeed more powerful than the Xbox One and it’s not the same console just with updated hardware but around the same performance.

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We’ve seen consoles in the past carrying the same power but with a more compact design, this might be the case here (we’ll know very soon).

Now for the Xbox Series X. If the leaked prices are true, for $200 more you can get into next-gen. It’s very tempting I have to admit but there are many gamers whom the Series X might be out of reach.

Let’s hope that the price stays as it is with the leaks as this is a good price overall for a next-gen console. I’m sure we’ll get more information soon enough as we are getting very fast at the end of the year. Even current predictions mention November 10, 2020, as the date both of these consoles will launch.

Which console do you plan to get? What’s your opinion about the prices? Which console are you going to get, Xbox Series X or PS5?

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