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Spooky Fall Event Update in Minecraft Dungeons Bring Much Harder Difficulties & New Gear

A few days ago I started playing Minecraft Dungeons again after a long break. I’ve heard about the new Spooky Fall Event and wanted to jump into the game to see what’s new.

I really liked seeing new gear added to the game, but none of them was something that I see myself using in my builds for regular runs.

That being said, one of the best things added to the game is the added difficulty levels, the Apocalypse Plus difficulties.

APOCALYPSE +20 Minecraft Dungeons: HIGHEST DIFFICULTY In The Game!

Basically, once you pass the Apocalypse VII level, you’ll get into the Apocalypse Plus difficulties. You can progress up to Apocalypse +20, which is the highest difficulty in-game as of this new Spooky Fall Event update.

This means you can also find higher power gear and it will definitely challenge you if you are among those hoping to have some challenges in the game.

Problem is that it will take a long time to rank up in power, unless you have gear optimized for speed runs—This way, you can level up very fast.

Having said that, this is not the way that I enjoy playing. It’s like doing mechanical work and try to “cheat” your way through the game, like other types of speedruns in games.

Then you get to a point where you get bored quickly as there is no more challenge as you got the best gear to clear up the level fast.

I am trying to do this step by step, but it’s very hard doing so and can take significantly longer. I wouldn’t mind that but considering all the games that coming out in November and December, I don’t know if I even get to a point where I’ll be putting a lot of time into the game.

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It just feels not balanced well, but still, I welcome the new challenges and enjoy doing them.

Overall, very good update but I am more looking towards the Howling Peaks DLC. That being said, there is nothing extraordinary different than previous DLCS, we’ll have more gear to farm for, new boss fights, new levels, new enemies, etc. I personally was looking for some PvP, but it doesn’t seem that we’ll have anything like that in the game.

That’s all for now. If you haven’t download the update, I highly recommend doing so. If you are on PC and can’t update the game or you can’t see any update in the Xbox for PC, reinstall the game. I did it and it solved my issue. Have fun!

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