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Is Minecraft Dungeons Too Hard Now after the Update?

After the Spooky Fall update, Minecraft Dungeons become much harder. Daily Trials require much higher power gear to complete and now we have even higher Apocalypse (up to +20) to complete.

Players who want 170+ Power gear will need to do and complete the daily trials to get a chance to get a 170+ power drop.

That being said, once you grind your way up to around 160 power, things get easier. That being said, Daily Trials in Minecraft Dungeons have variable modifiers. Some of these Daily Trials can be very hard to complete. This especially true if you don’t have the right build.

Before this update, people could complete many of the daily trials very easily, with any gear. Now it seems that melee weapons are not good, and most rely on fast-attack weapons like the Fighter’s Bindings, alongside Swirling/Shockwave/Radiance to be able to complete the new challenges.

This might change in the future, but as for now, Minecraft Dungeons’ daily trials are hard and require time, dedication, and most importantly, having the right gear with the right enchantments to finish them. If you don’t you need to farm from it, and nobody can be sure that you ever get what you want.

Here is a gameplay video of me playing Minecraft Dungeons, one of the hardest Daily Trials to date. Enjoy.

Minecraft Dungeons HARDEST DAILY TRIAL YET - TIPS For Completion & What Gear To Use
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