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Minecraft Dungeons Fire Trail + Electrified Enchantments Gameplay

Today, in Minecraft Dungeons I decided to try out using both Fire Trail and Electrified enchantments as I got a new armor that had them both with a cooldown enchantment as well.

The combination of both Fire Trail and Electrified turned out to be really fun to play. I felt like playing a QIX mini-game with the enemy, blocking them with fire on the ground and let them tick lots of DoT. Aside from that, when you roll placing the fire trail, you also deal damage to the enemies by doing so using the Electrified.

Next on my list is getting the Ghost Kindler armor, which has the Fire Trail built-in, but until then am having a blast with this build using both Fire Trail and Electrified, take a look! (sorry for the audio out-of-sync, happens sometimes).

Minecraft Dungeons Electrified + Fire Trail = FUN! (Gameplay)

I am trying lots of Minecraft Dungeons builds and not necessarily focusing on the most powerful ones, sometimes I just want to have fun with exotic builds that are enjoyable to play with.

Some will focus on speedrunning, others on eliminating enemies fast to get lots of drops, others on farming for emeralds, others for the most powerful DPS against bosses, etc.

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