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PlayStation 5 Disc Version Advantages vs Digital

Today I made a video talking about some of the important advantages of the Disc version of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) versus the Digital one. Of course this is subjective and each person might related to one, more or none of the advantages that I’ve mentioned.

That being said, what important is that you know your options so you can make a better buying decision.

For example, if you think about saving $100 by going with the PS5 Digital Edition, well, you might think again. As you might save now, but you can save a lot more in the future when renting games from the store, being able to get used games from friends who finished games, buy second hand games at a much cheaper price.

Here is a summary of the advantages of owning the PS5 Disc version of the console compared to the Digital Edition PS5 one:

  • Play Blu-ray and DVD movies (especially if you own many movies with those supported disc formats)
  • Save bandwidth on big games by not or at least reduce the amount of download needed to play games (in case you have bad or limited internet connectivity)
  • Being able to enjoy Collector’s Edition games that come with physical discs
  • Sense of ownership of the game
  • Being able to lend friends a game and get a game from them without a need to buy it (save money)
  • Buy or rent second-hand PS5 games at the store (can save a lot of money)
  • You can sell your console with your physical games for more. Most don’t sell the console with their account and having digital games that you don’t play anymore, are waste.
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Here is the video featuring some of the most important advantages. Tell me which one you relate to and whether it convinced you to buy the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Disc edition and not the Digital Edition.

PlayStation 5 (PS5) Disc Advantages vs Digital Edition - Pros to Consider Before Buying

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