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God-like Powers Electrified Build | Minecraft Dungeons

I am spending a lot of time trying many different builds in Minecraft Dungeons. One of my latest tries, based on community feedback turned out to be absolutely crazy.

This build is based on Electrified enchantment and the ability to roll frequently using two Light Feather artifacts.

To be able to always roll and charge up the dynamo fast, I use the Evocation Robe. This one has a built-in -25% artifact cooldown. Other than that, I have another Cooldown, Electrified and Speed Synergy enchantments on that armor.

Getting God-like Powers with this Improved Electrified-Dynamo Build | Minecraft Dungeons
This Minecraft Dungeons build is already insane, but can further be improved

I use a bow with Anima Conduit and Dynamo. Anima Conduit is for healing as I don’t need Leeching or Radiance anymore. Anima Conduit will heal me from souls, and Dynamo will stack damage each roll and can be released in one shot.

The melee weapon I use is Rapier. It’s not perfect as I am searching for a weapon with a large hit area like the Double Axe and its variation. The attack speed doesn’t matter, we only need to enjoy the first hit. This is why I have Dynamo and Gravity on my melee weapon.

Dynamo 28 stack damage using melee weapon with gravity and large hit area
Dynamo 28 stack damage using melee weapon with gravity and large hit area

Gravity pulls enemies into the point of impact then I can deal the stacked Dynamo damage to all enemies at once, rather than a single one—Amazing for clearing a pack of mobs. With a double axe, you’ll be eliminating all enemies around you, as the area of damage is just that, because of the spinning attribute.

The third one you can choose whatever fits your needs, I still haven’t decided what I want there, if I ever come with a weapon that has anything I need, it’s random after all.

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As for now, it’s crazily powerful and will become even more with more improvement.

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