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Double Axe + Dynamo Equals Atomic Bomb! – Minecraft Dungeons Build

Today I wanted to test out whether my theory is correct and the Double Axe (or any of its variations like the Cursed Axe or Whirlwind will cause the Dynamo stack damage to be delt to all enemies around the player.

Well, the short answer is YES! — Take a look.

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This means that my Electrified Roll build just got so much better. I went to farm for some double axe weapons in Soggy Swamp. I got 3 unique in a single run, but only one (very lucky) had the enchantments that I wanted—Dynamo and Gravity. As of the time of writing, I am still not sure about the effect of gravity on the double axe (still checking). That being said, I got it will Exploding as well.

The exploding will deal damage to all enemies of 60% of their health to nearby enemies. It’s very powerful, especially when there is a slight delay, which allow enemies at the outer circle to get closer then get that damage and be eliminated on the spot—Supwer powerful!

But again, the most important thing is getting a double axe (or any of its variation) because of the perk Spin Attack perk. Any hit with the double axe will hit all enemies around you--same applies to the Dynamo stacked damage!

It’s like being a super-charged-harvester (Harvester is an artifact that rely on Souls to charge and deal damage to all enemies around the player). This is so much more powerful and no souls needed, just rolls and your damage is amplified the more you roll up to 99,999 stacks I think but not 100% sure. You can literally deal more than 200 million damage with it.

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I won’t explai nall about the build, but you can learn more about it in the video above. What’s important is checking that the double axe is indeed super useful for this build, and indeed this is the case.

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