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G2 Esports vs FPX Esports Grand Finals VALORANT Twitch Invitational

I love Valorant and played it for some time. Although I stopped at some point, today I watched two amazing prop team play–G2 Esports (a fan), playing against FPX Esports in BLAST VALORANT Twitch Invitational finals. The event streamed live on BlastTV on Twitch.

The grand final was a blast. Two come back, with G2 leading then losing the lead, and then coming back after losing 5 rounds straight to win 13-11.

BLAST VALORANT Twitch Invitational tournament overview
BLAST VALORANT Twitch Invitational tournament overview – upper and lower bracket and Championship finals. (Image credit: BLASTtv / Twitch)

G2 was contested well by FPX Esports. There were also great moments and this stream really showed me that Valorant is an Esport I enjoy watching. I definitely looking for more tournaments and I hope we’ll see more of those soon.

Mixwell take two players in the Grand Finals, screenshot
Mixwell taking two in one of the most crucial turning points for his team.
(Image credit: BLASTtv / Twitch)

Mixwell is my favorite player in G2 Esports and he really delivered some amazing moments.

Here is the full stream.

Please bring us more Valorant tournaments. Make sure you follow Valorant channel and BlastTV to get notification of upcoming Valorant eSport events.

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