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Fast Electrifying Roll | Minecraft Dungeons Build

Today I got a great armor drop of Evocation Robe. It comes with the following enchantments: Speed Synergy, Electrified & Cooldown.

The core mechanic here is that I roll almost all the time, dealing more than 4K damage to nearby enemies. Eliminating enemies on the way, as I traversed fast across the level.

Aside from that, I can build up Dynamo stacks super quick for both my bow and melee weapon. Use them to eliminate bosses and high HP enemies easily!

The synergy with Dynamo is not too important for most of the level, only when you get to deal with big enemies where you don’t want to risk getting hit or if you fight against bosses, just 1-shot bosses.

That being said, you can still circulate around enemies and hit them with this build and if there is an opportunity for a melee attack from behind, use it for one-hit-kill.

This is a super fun build, but keep in mind that I am just starting to work on it and I’ll improve it over time.

With this build, you don’t need to worry about exploding mobs and many other threats. You don’t even need to deflect with dynamo as you are moving so fast, most of the archers shots will miss anyway.

Here is some Minecraft Dungeons gameplay video showing this crazy new build!

Agile Electrifying Roll Build | Minecraft Dungeons Builds
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