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Bee Stinger vs Fighter’s Bindings – Which is the Best?

Today I got the Bee Stinger melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. A very fast attack weapon that in first look, you wanna see if it’s good as the Fighter’s Bindings.

BEE STINGER vs Fighter's Bindings In-Depth Comparison Minecraft Dungeons

The Fighter’s Bindings is the most powerful weapon in the game, especially for Apocalypse +20 difficult, the highest in the game.

However, after initial checks, I realized that the combo length is too long to make swirling or shockwave be useful. On the other hand, those two are amazing on the FB because that weapon has a relatively short combo.

This means that I need to create a build that synergizes with the weapon and one that can help me survive the toughest difficulties in Minecraft Dungeons. Not an easy task, but I’ll try and see what I can find.

There are some nice enchantments to choose from though.

Bee Stinger melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeons
Bee Stinger melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. Mine comes with a nice selection of enchantment combinations to choose from.

Currently testing the Bee Stinger with committed, critical hit and radiance but it didn’t work well for apo +20. I think I need to make changes to make it a good weapon for the highest difficulties.

The Fighter’s Bindings with Swirling/Shockwave/Radiance is the perfect weapon for Apocalypse +20 and Daily Trials, the best weapon I tried so far and I have a good build for it.

So overall, the Fighter’s Bindings seems to be a winner for now, until I come up with a better build for this cool Bee Stinger weapon. Check out my YouTube channel to get updated with that build once it’s ready.

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