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Battlefield 3 Servers Active in 2020 – Playing Metro Map

Yesterday I came a bit nostalgic after reading about the Battlefield 6 release date which is planned for Holiday season 2021. I’ve decided to login to my Origin account and download Battlefield 3.

Keep in mind that BF3 was release in 2011--8 years ago!

I stopped playing Battlefield 3 more than 5 years ago. Honestly, I didn’t even think that I’ll find active servers to play the game but I did.

In fact, there are quite a few enthusiast BF3 fans that still play the game today. Probably like me, they love the game better than those that came after it.

There are quite a few servers active, but I wanted to play the Operation Metro map, my favorite map in the game.

It didn’t take long and I found myself in a game and oh the Nostalgia kicked in so hard. I was so happy that I am able to relieve those memories. I was quite emotional and so excited. I had so much fun back then playing BF3 and this hasn’t changed at all. It’s the same game that I enjoyed playing back then, the graphics didn’t matter, same fun as before.

Operation Metro Gameplay in 2020

Here is some gameplay of me playing the map ‘Operation Metro’. I wish I could get a 64-player map, but maybe next time. This server had too many tickets, I prefer much less for replayability, yet it was so much fun.

Battlefield 3 Nostalgia - Servers Still Active in 2020 | Operation Metro Gameplay

I wish Battlefield 6 will bring the excitement that I had back. I wasn’t excited about Battlefield 4 as I was with BF3 and I skipped BF5. I did play BF4 a bit, Battlefield 1 on the PS4 and also BF Hardline on the PlayStation 4 as well. Hardline was fun with friends, so much fun putting C4 and blowing cars LOL.

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Anyway, great times and I am going to play the game again today as well. Enjoy the gameplay and tell me what do you think about BF3, did you play it? Did you like the Metro map? Do you still play it today?

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