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Is Overwatch 2 is Dead Before Arrival?

I played Overwatch for countless hours on the PlayStation 4. My friends played the beta and got bored so fast and decided not to buy it.

The reason I bought it is because I did enjoy it and I wanted a game where I can dive in for some quick fun sessions of pure shooting action—Overwatch was perfect for that.

I love the maps, the vibrant and colorful visuals, the heroes and their personality, the hero’s abilities, the gameplay was fun and exciting but things started to fade away after some time.

As I play alone, competitive seems too restrictive and I found it hard to find it fun to rank up as I stayed at lower ranks most of the time while playing with random people.

PvE was boring for me. From a player that plays a lot of Destiny & Destiny 2, I just found Overwatch to be so limited in its scope. It’s like you play a PvP and a few strikes, and even then the strikes in Destiny are so much more exciting than what Overwatch PvE is.

I wish Overwatch was something like Destiny. A big world where the personalization of the characters can really shine through lots of different activities and raids. Because Overwatch doesn’t really offer any way to get weapons, as it’s a competitive game in its nature, the only thing left is to enjoy some emotes and skins.

Emotes and skins, although many love them, included me, don’t improve anything in the gameplay. It can be nice to jump into a game at a certain event and obtain those, but after some time, I didn’t even care about them at all. It’s a thin layer of enjoyment that just doesn’t last, at least not in Overwatch. In other games like RPGs, this means something, as the look also means you got a different armor or helmet, but those have stats and affect the gameplay. Overwatch skins are for the showoff beauty of it and nothing more.

So if you ask me, yeh, I want an Overwatch game in scope as Destiny. I am quite surprised that the game can survive long, even with a second “Overwatch 2” version without significant changes. This game is and will be competing with so many other competitive shooters, in fact, it already is.

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From what I’ve read by just googling--Overwatch has 50 million players in total as of 2020 (according to Jeff Kaplan). Question what is that number means. If it’s the total of all players that actually played Overwatch until today or active ones in 2020.

Anyway, you can clearly see that by just sampling Twitch on steams and by seeing how many popular pro players actually left the scene that this game lost its apeal.

Overwatch 2 Announce Cinematic | “Zero Hour”

From what I can see on Overwatch 2 website, nothing really gets me excited. Seeing Blizzard emphasizing Tracer’s behinds, “New Look” (new skins) that I couldn’t care less of, co-op missions that I expect to be meh as previous ones (hope not), and more maps. Nothing from what I’ve seen or really gets me excited--not at all!

It’s like Blizzard can’t really see what’s the market wants (**cough** Diablo Mobile) and even looking at Diablo 4 it seems so outdated visually and even Blizzard is getting lots of user’s feedback, which seems that they really lost their touch. Not that I’m against it, of course, I am in favor of getting users’ feedback, but everything just seems lost for Blizzard at the moment.

I am not excited for another “Blizzard game” at the moment not that there a new IP on the horizon that will change things. Overwatch 2 seems like another cash-grab game instead of a free DLC to convince players to pay for a full triple-A game over again with not too much to add on top of the previous formula.

I do hope that I’m wrong. I do hope that Blizzard is working on making Overwatch 2 something different based on the user’s feedback and the current gaming market assessment. I wish it will be the game that I hope it will be, much larger in scope, a world where I can be proud to be an Overwatch hero again.

What’s your opinion and expectations? — Share it in the comment section below, thank you.

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