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Spark Ball Pool – Best VR Pool Game for Quest 2

Today I’ve played what is probably The Best free pool game for Oculus Quest 2–Spark Ball Pool.

I’ve tried different virtual reality pool games before like this VR pool game, but it felt very experimental and the experience was pretty bad.

Spark Ball VR Billiard game for Quest 2, game screenshot
Spark Ball VR game screenshot (Meta Quest 2)

Spark Ball Pool nailed most of the things right, including lots of accessibility setting options, the ability to lock the cue stick from moving, it has beautiful visuals, realistic physics, good sound effects, a beautiful environment to play in, nice background music, support online multiplayer with voice (matchmaking and by Oculus friend invitation), leaderboard and tournaments, table adjustments, change hands (right hand/left hand to hold the stick) and more.

free virtual reality pool game for Meta Quest 2, game screenshot
Free virtual reality pool game for Meta Quest 2

Here is my review of Spark Ball Pool, a VR pool/billiard game for Meta Quest and Quest 2.

It’s by far the top virtual reality pool game for Quest 2. This is how you make a VR pool game that plays perfectly with all the limitations that VR has for this type of game. By that I mean, you can’t lean on the table, you aren’t actually holding a stick and not putting it on a real table and that can lead to an awkward gameplay experience unless you design the game to work around those limitations.

Spark Ball Pool is free-to-play and available as an App Lab app (early access) via the Oculus Store and SideQuest app.

If you want to play a great and recommended VR pool game for your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, my top recommendation is Spark Ball Pool, hands down.

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