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Returnal PS5 Review 2022

Yesterday I downloaded the game RETURNAL to my PS5. It is free to play for PlayStation Plus Extra, alongside many other games.

It’s a PS5 exclusive, so I knew I’ll play at some point. The reason I wasn’t hurrying, as it’s a Roguelike game. That changed after I’ve played Elden Ring and got to used for playing difficult games.

Thank god I played Elden Ring, as this opened up my state of mind to avoid playing roguelike games in general.

This is my full video review of Returnal, which discusses combat, boss fights, best op weapons in the game, PS5 graphics, tips and tricks, online co-op, different mechanics and looting and more

Returnal blew my mind away, especially when it comes to combat. Combat felt snappy, fast, accurate, and highly addictive. All that combined with superb music and flashy vibrant visuals–made it even more satisfying.

I also liked the organic animation of the alien lifeforms. It made things more authentic and enhanced the combat experience even more.

Starting a new cycle after death isn’t bad, as you do get to keep some of that progression and know you always have a chance to discover some great drops.

In terms of game length, I played Returnal for a total of 15 hours with around 10 deaths in total. The length of a run can be even several hours, but you have the option to suspend the game using the “Suspend Cycle” feature if you want to save and quit and come back later.

In terms of difficulty, it takes time of course to get used to the combat mechanics and execute it right. This includes dashing, using the grappling hook, pay attention to the projectiles and enemies’ placement. It all takes time and practice but after a few hours into it, it felt much smoother and I was able to survive for much longer.

Overall, I found Returnal to be one of the better Roguelike games that I’ve played in recent years and I can’t recommend it enough. If you are a PS+ Essential or up subscriber, at least download it and give it a shot–you won’t regret it.

Returnal FAQ

Q: How long did it take you to finish the game
A: 15 hours in total

Q: How many times have you died in total
A: 10 times

Q: Is Returnal coming to PC
A: Might be at some point, already teased on Steam

Q: Is Returnal a hard game
A: Yes from a casual gamer perspective, but if you give yourself the time to get used to it, it becomes much easier, some drops can be super OP

Q: How did you play it free?
A: Returnal is part of the PlayStation Plus Essential game list as of the time of me reviewing the game. I am a PS+ Essential subscriber

Q: Does Returnal features procedurally generate levels?
A: Yes

Q: What are the most OP weapons in the game?
A: In my opinion, the best weapons in Returnal are the Electropylon Driver and Tachyomatic Carbine.

Q: Is Returnal worth playing in 2022?
A: Hell yeah, one of the best Roguelike games for the PS5 hands down.

Q: Does Returnal has a story
A: Yes, and you uncover the mystery of the place and Sellen’s memories as you progress through the story.

Q: Are Returnal graphics look next-gen on PS5
A: In some aspects like particle system, organic animation, yeh, but the environment textures and lack of ray tracing make it less next-gen looking in my opinion–still game looks amazing and plays super smooth.

Q: How do you get better Returnal weapons?
A: Random drops and higher power gear as you level up your weapon’s proficiency (aka weapon’s level). You’ll unlock new traits as you progress through the biomes as well

Q: How many weapons can you hold in Returnal?
A: you can only carry a single gun, but has a melee ability that stay with you once you discover it. You might find an ability that makes your dash deal damage, or your jump deals damage, that complements the overall build and doesn’t come instead of your main weapon

Q: How many weapons are in Returnal in total?
A: 10 base weapons

Q: Do you recommend buying Returnal?
A: Yes (but if you have PS+ Essential or up, you can play it without buying it as long as you are a subscriber)

Q: Is dying frustrating in Returnal?
A: Can be at times, for some more than others. But every run you maintain part of the item and resource progression and look forward to finding some more powerful gear.

Q: What items do you lose when you die in Returnal?
A: weapons, artifacts, consumables, weapon proficiency (at a certain point in the game you start at a higher one)

Q: What items/upgrades are permanent in Returnal (stay between cycles)?
A: Some Xenotech upgrades like the Atropian Blade, unlocked weapon, the item pool (artifacts and consumables)traits, number of consumable slots, key items, part of the story progression (e.g. Sellen’s house).

Q: Does Returnal have saved games (Can I save a game in Returnal)
A: You can save a cycle and when you close the game and come back, it will continue from the same place. There are no saved game slots. You do however can manually save that Suspended Cycle and upload it to the PlayStation cloud. I don’t recommend doing so, unless you want to see different story endings.

Q: Does Returnal has different story endings (Secret Ending)?
A: Yes

Q: Why do many people say the game is very frustrating and hard?
A: My take, is they just didn’t give it maybe enough time and patience. I am also a casual gamer that before didn’t enjoy Roguelike games, but now, they have become my favorites! – give it some time when you play, don’t rush and fit the pace of the game which might be different than what you are used to.

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