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Is STRAY Too Short, Worth Buying?

I played Stray today on the PlayStation 5 and finished it in around 5 hours or so to complete. I haven’t bought it, as I am a PS+ Extra subscriber, so I get it free to download.

That being said, I was about to purchase I on Steam, when I got a notification from the PS App that Stray is available for download. I didn’t know it before LOL.

To the topic, the game is worth its asking price. Although the game, if you speed run can even take 2 hours long (there is a trophy for that), it packs a superb gameplay experience with no dull moments.

For some, this might feel more like a tech demo, but for me, it was a fantastic and unique gameplay experience. I don’t need every game to be long. There are so many games out there, that I am happy to have some short gameplay experiences that are fun and very memorable.

Although the game is short, it was perfect when it comes to visuals, cat animation, level design, attention to detail, and atmosphere.

Stray was developed by an indie company. I think stretching out the game might have led to a less impressive overall look and feel to the game. Now that they have succeeded with the game, we might see Stray 2 coming with a more complete package (i.e. co-op, open-world, etc).

I have to admit that in some ways the game felt like it was cutting off corners by making some of the gameplay parts of the game fell short, like the action parts where you fight with B-12–the little robot companion.

You need to understand, that once you start playing the game, everything will feel different than any other game that you’ve played. I personally, want to play these types of new games by devs who dare to take a risk and make something different. Enough of playing the same type of games over and over, I want something new, and Stray brings that, big time!

Also, I want to have more of these short games that feel in the gap between the big titles, especially from Sony Studios. There are so many big games with length of play time that I probably won’t play because I don’t want to start and stop in the middle. So I make my own priorities choosing between games, and I missed a lot of them.

These type of short but high-quality games is something that we need to have. Not all games have to be long, and us as gamers, we benefit from having those unique gameplay experience, so the more, the better.

Overall, Stray is a fantastic game not just for cat lovers, but for any gamer who wants to try a different gameplay experience that is very well made–from start to finish.

I highly recommend getting it.

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