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“Bee Squad” Build Easy Clear Epic Challenge in Minecraft Dungeons

I’ve been playing Minecraft Dungeons for a long time now, and I enjoy making different builds.

In the new Creeping Winter expansion, the developer introduced harder challenges called Daily Trials, daily missions which the hardest of them is Trial III “Epic Challenge”.

I have to admit that I died and even failed a few several times. I’ve decided to create a build using bee pets that will make it easy to take on these tough challenges without waiting for the perfect armor to drop for me or waiting for higher power gear to be upgraded.

I’ve created the “Bee Squad” build which I continue to improve. Here is a video showcasing how it plays at Trial III in Redstone Mines, one of the more challenging levels.

Minecraft Dungeons "Bee Squad" Build Trial III EASY EPIC CHALLENGE Clear Gameplay

Keep in mind that this is a base build and I already improved upon it.

The build includes the following (some not included in the video above):

  • Beenest Armor (later replaced with Battle Armor as the perk of hitting to create bees isn’t a must, and more important was Acrobat/Cooldown/Tumble Bee enchantments)
  • 3x Buzzy Nest Artifacts – three Buzzy Nest artifacts are the most important part here, although you can basically use two but I didn’t want a hybrid build, more pure bee build
  • Baby Crossbows – Regarding bow, it’s up to you, but it makes it much easier to clear levels when you help the bees. I’ve chosen Baby Crossbows with poison cloud, fuse shot, and chain reaction. Super powerful with this build.
  • Growing Stuff – Use it with leeching to get health back and help a bit in fights.
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Keep in mind that you can adjust the build based on what you have and you might not get the perfect enchantments. But this one worked so well for me and I cleared the level so easy with it.

My Current “Bee Squad” Build (September 9, 2020)

This is the build that I’m currently using, a Battle Robe with Acrobat, Cool Down, and Tumble Bee

Bee Squad build, Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter

As you can see in the above, I’ve used Battle Robe instead of Beehive Armor or Beenest Armor. This is because the -25% artifact cooldown, alongside another enchantment cooldown, make spawning Buzzy Nest artifacts very fast. Aside from that, I have Tumble Bree (spawns up to 3 bees on rolling with your character), which synergizes well with Acrobat.

I mean, I couldn’t ask better than that. Keep in mind that you lose defensive abilities, but basically, you won’t need them with this build. And therefore the perk ‘30% change to summon bee on hit’ for the armor isn’t important here, as I won’t be engaging with enemies most of the time, and the Buzzy Nest bees along with the other 3 that spawn when rolling are enough to clear any level quite fast.

This also works amazingly well on bosses, really well!

This is it for this post. If I approve it, I’ll share it again on this blog so you can follow and see how far we can get with this type of build. Also, follow me on YouTube so you can see gameplay and other cool stuff related to Minecraft Dungeons and the new Creeping Winter DLC. Thank you.

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