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Are Soul Fists Any Good? | Minecraft Dungeons

Today I wanted to give Soul Fists some love and attention. It seems that no one in the Minecraft Dungeons community is speaking about them. I mean, with Fighter’s Bindings being so powerful and super fast, you might think that Soul Fists are waste of time.

Perfect Enchantments

Well, today I got a really good Soul Fists drop--with some crazy enchantments. This includes Committed/Radiance/Swirling. Yeh baby, all my favorite three. If we consider we also have a Critical Hit perk build in (after consuming souls), you can see why this weapon is so powerful.

Yeh, it’s much slower than the Fighter’s Bindings, but here you enjoy all, constant healing due to the ‘Radiance’, Critical Hit with souls, Committed for double damage for wounded targets, Swirling which unleash relatively fast due to the fast attack speed.

Here is a video I made testing the Soul Fists. Base on my testing, you get the soul’s critical boost after passing the 1/2 souls charge mark. Once you are up, and if you are not using any souls-consuming artifacts, you’ll have it active always.

SOUL FISTS with Perfect Enchantments - Any Good? | Minecraft Dungeons

Aside from that, I have ‘Anima Conduit’, which heals me as well when I consume souls, and because my weapon gives me +1 souls, I get healed more. I can even use soul ability if you like.

Help Me Improve It

Overall, it felt really good playing with the Soul Fist in Minecraft Dungeons. I enjoy having crit, healing, swirling and lots of damage due to committed enchantment. It’s like Jake of all Trades and it felt like it when I played. You don’t need to give anything, enjoy it all!

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Tell me what you think about this weapon and with those enchantments and where it can be improved to make it even more powerful.

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