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UE5 Truly Next-Gen Games are Coming

I can say that the truly next-gen games are already here if you consider the visually-stunning project samples that are available right now for Unreal Engine 5.

I’ve tried two of them today, the City Sample and Valley of the Ancient and they look out of this world–both playable by the way. The moment I ran the project inside Unreal Engine I was witnessing something incredible, the true birth of next-gen graphics on my 3070 Ti-based PC.

I already tried the City UE5 demo on my PS5, but now on PC with raytracing and more powerful hardware, it looks even better.

You can check out the video above which I recorded earlier today. It showcases the two Unreal Engine 5 demos running inside the IDE and it will blow your mind away.

Photorealistic visuals that I’ve never experienced before. It uses Nanite Virtualized Geometry technology, which basically what it does is only render the things that the 3D camera lets the user see. So assets that are hidden from view are not rendered.

City Sample Unreal Engine 5 demo
City Sample Unreal Engine 5 demo with Ray Tracing and Epic graphics settings

On top of that, it optimized textures and geometry so 3D models further away from the camera have lesser vertices count and texture resolution is reduced as well. You won’t actually notice it as you’ll be further from that to notice the chance.

But if you get close, the quality of the 3D model and textures will change to look super high-res and everything will appear in high detail again—Insane!

Of course, these are just simple demos, and games made with Unreal Engine 5 will look much more impressive both visually and gameplay-wise.

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