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SYNCED PvPvE Third-person Shooter PC game on Steam

A few days ago, I start playing a game called SYNCED. I couldn’t share it but today I can. It’s an upcoming PvPvE third-person shooter game for PC. It features both PvE and PvPvE game modes.

For the beta, we can only the ‘Nerva Run’ PvPvE mode and this is the one I’ll share with you here in a video and share some information about it.

Here is SYNCED beta gameplay of the Nerva Run game mode:

So what I liked about SYNCED, that makes it fun:

  • Have a companion Nano (robot) like a pet you can spawn anytime you want (different classes each one with its own unique abilities)
  • Beautiful map design
  • Plays in third-person perspective
  • PvE elements like having rewarding challenges vs NPCs, fighting NPCs alongside other real players
  • Overall pleasing graphics with a detailed environment
  • Variety of weapons and weapon customization
  • Seems like good servers, haven’t encountered any lags or other connectivity issues (but again, due to the beta, not a lot of players are playing)
  • Unique game mode with more coming

Considering it is still in its pre-release version. it looks promising.

The game is described as this by the developer:

“Synced is a companion shooter that takes place in the aftermath of a technological apocalypse, called the collapse. Techno-creatures known as nanos populate the world. Fight together with your companion, synced nano, against roaming hoards and rival squads. Strengthen your companion, upgrade your weapons, and unravel the mysteries of an exclusion zone known as the meridian.”

Keep in mind that SYNCED is not a triple-A, a hero shooter, a survival game, a co-op game (although you do play in a group vs other groups), nor a battle royale. So if this is what you are searching for, this might not for you but it’s worth a try if enjoy those types of shooter games.

It will be free to play with innovative combat experience. You battle to progress and it’s not pay-to-win or has any premium pay.

My first impressions are positive and I am having fun playing this game. I am not a big fan of Battle Royale games, so I like that I can have a game taking place on a large map with cool new mechanics, playing as a group, and having objectives other than eliminating the last team/player. Also, we have a PvE-only game mode, but again, it’s not available in the beta.

You can wishlist the game on Steam. Coming in 2022 for PC.

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