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USB Notification not showing on Quest 3 and Quest 2 When Connecting the Cable to PC

When I got my Meta Quest 3 VR headset, I haven’t touched my Quest 2 for quite some time. Once I connected the USB-C cable to my PC in order to browse and transfer files from the headset to the PC, I couldn’t see the USB dialogue popup. If you are witnessing the same issue, this is a little “fix” for it.

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So, basically, one you connect the Quest 3, Quest 2 or Quest Pro headset with the USB cable to the PC, you first nee to make sure you approve the connection in the headset.

One you have done that, you should be able to see a secondary notification , a small popup window that you need to tap in order to be able to let the PC browse the headset’s files.

If it doesn’t happen,, disconnect the cable and restart both the headset and the PC. Connect the cable again, and make sure to immediately wear the headset, or connect the cable while wearing the headset. The problem is that the notification disappears after a few seconds.

If you missed the popup, you can still view the previous notifications by visiting the notification page. You do this by clicking the bell icon in the drawer section, which then, you should see the USB notification that you’ve missed previously, and you can tap it again to approve the connection.

I hope they will increase the notification time so it will appear until it has been pressed with approve and cancel buttons. Nonetheless, this is how I approached solving my issue and I hope this will help you as well.

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