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Halloween TikTok Video Idea: Create a Spooky Room in Mixed Reality

Halloween 2023 is almost here, and I’m excited to share something special with you today: a spooky Halloween room in mixed reality! I used the Figmin XR app on my Meta Quest 3 to create a festive and scary environment with virtual decorations, 3D models, and animated GIFs.

Figmin XR is a mixed reality app for Meta Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro that allows you to draw, place 3D objects, and add Giphy animated GIFs to your physical space. It uses the Quest 3’s depth scanning to accurately position content in your room, even if it is occluded by other objects.

Once you’ve created your mixed reality scene, you can record videos and share them on social media, like TikTok. Augmented reality is a great technology, and with the Meta Quest 3’s color passthrough, it looks better than ever.

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